Saturday, March 28, 2009

Female sex tourists; do they excist? Post two.

Thew discussion on on female sex tourism continues.

Another extract from my own post.

Not so sure prostitution is readily acceptable.

I didn't use the words "readily acceptable" but "more easily acceptable", maybe I should add that the Thai s*x industry isn't as massive as in some other countries but definitely more noticable maybe due to the fact that the Thai as a whole are less coy about it - a more open s*xual morale, remember?

I've often heard European women say they didn't discover their s*xuality untill they were well into their thirties. Discusing this with Thai women always produced blank incredible faces - a difference in upbringing as I mentioned earlier in this threat using the diference in my own and my sister's as an example.

If a hotel does not allow Thai people in the rooms like for example the Khao Sarn Road area in Bangkok it is because of police rules that excist in that particular neighborhood. In the Khao Sarn Road Thai people aren't even allowed in the room when they are married to a farang - as far as I know anyway.
Of course many resorts apply this rule because they wanna offer a high standart accomodation. But even here in Amsterdam guests can order escorts up to their room, even in five star hotels with escort brochures and telephone numbers available at the reception upon request!!!

"Most prostitutes have been raped by their father??????", This I consider an outlandish statement. Does this apply to all or most male gigolos as well?
I will readily accept that many women working the "Game" don't have an easy background. Many women just consider prostitution as an easy way to make quick and easy money, or even for plain old s*x.

In Thailand lots of people - male or female - work twelve hours a day, seven days a week for a meagre 5000 Baht a month whereas in the Sell-Your-Body industry prices start at 500 Baht for a so-called shorttime.

Needless to say the threshold is easily stepped across.

Hans form Amsterdam.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Female sex tourists: Do they exist?

A moral discusion on's forum and my own reaction.

Why would the long standing gate keepers of sex suddenly decide to pay the gate toll? Have you ever met a female sex tourist? Women, have you ever been a sex tourist? If not, would you consider it?

Excuse me but there is a BIG difference in paying for s*ex and romance. Prostitution - wherever in the world - is simply a financial transaction between two people and not necesarily bad in its very nature. Real romance - loving one another with romantic feelings of being in love - on the other hand has nothing to do with prostitution and I seriously doubt it can posibly be for sale at all, not in its sincerity anyway.

And YES female s*x tourism does excist, older European women often with fat bellies and even fatter wallets walking the beaches south of Banjul/Gambia with young muscular local males accompanying their every step.

A bit like their male counterpart in Pattaya or Patong Beach/Thailand.

I could go on excusing this whole sorry issue by pointing out the absolute poverty most of the female members of the Isaan - a Thai province in the north - come from, how prostitution has been a cornerstone of the Thai economy for ages, how these sad creatures of the night - Isaan females, remember? - have come to the Thai farang beaches with innocent hearts full with hope of falling in love with an European male and ended up addicted to booze, Yaa-Baa and the like, selling their bodies to overs*xed european males....but I believe it is everybody's own opinion.

As for the member Panmu....I am not really sure how to translate your statement "Isn't it disgusting how some people actually have sex outside of their country of birth with people they are not married to?
Bali should be excluded as it is the number one sex tourist place for Australian women." Sorry but I don't see what country or place of birth has got to do with one's choice of bed partners, whether it be prostitution or romance.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

With a pang in my heart


I feel quite determined about my plans to go jogging in Westerpark in just a few more hours when I walk down the street to the Albert Heyn supermarket. Just out of habit I decide to walk a bit around the Blokhutten Complex first, an area of prefabricated student houses at the end of my neighborhood.

If it wouldn`t be for the views acroos the river I could still go there to check on the garbage - always interesting stuff these rich student kids throw away - as well as for unlocked bicycles. Most of these students come from small catholic provincial villages or are on foreign exchange programm and have no clue as to the bicycle theft and resell trade here in the "big" city.

No interesting stuff in the garbage and no expensive bikes but Maarten and Klein, two alcoholis and junks from the neighborhood, on their way to an abandoned lot where they wanna grow poppies as they proudly tell me showing me the seeds contained in a small transperent coffee shop provided hashish bag.

They offer me a beer and accepting this Can Of Evil I realise with a pang in my heart that there will be no jogging in Westerpark today but more of where that not all that elusive stuff came from...I can see from Klein`s bulking backpack that there are still several Cans Of Evil that will have to go down our thirsty throats this sunny day.

I see no reason to help these two street people seed their poppie seeds, water the ground with dirty poluted dish water from the river...instead I drink my Can Of Evil....luke-warm beer that does havoc to my still empty belly....I play a bit with Woef The Dog that has been adopted by Klein after Jackeline`s - The dog`s former mistress - messy death of cancer a few years back.

Mentally I wonder about how strange life can be....less than a week ago I was still at the other side of the world in the company of Thai Hot Mommas that were vying for my attention, good sex and tasty food, cold Leo beer and tranquility ruled my life with relaxed conversations late at night in front of the 7/Eleven with the Dutch expats, and now I sit here in a sunny but still crisp Amsterdam drinking luke-warm beer that does havoc to my belly and in the company of drunks who have no future but a mouth full of rotting teeth, bad clothes and even worse health.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buddha on my chest

Holand, Amsterdam.

The Buddha pendant hanging on my chest is burning a hole in my flesh no duobt trying to warn me I`m on the wrong track. I`m not suppoeded to be here on this old and rusty boat with Little-Shit-Richard and Rob.

Still having a boat excursion around the canals of Amsterdam is every tourist's dream and even a hot item among the local populace.

The Heineken beer coming out of this green colored bottle is gliding down my thirsty throat just fine while we manoeuvre through small little canals lined by houseboats and small water craft, a heron eyeing us curiously while coots swim away in front of the boat.

The still early morning is crisp and a grey fog is making it difficult to discern details, Rob is blattering away in his heavy Amsterdam accented Dutch about all that has happened these past two months while I was busy in Southeast Asia balling Thai Hot Mommas.

The usual street shit that should mean nada to me, the sort of stuff I had vowed to stay out of when being back in this city that I see now from a boat man's point of view while we move into Het IJ, the big river that seperates Amsterdam Centre from Amsterdam North.

In the end we find ourselves back in my house in the Spaarndammerstr. having a few more beers and I hear more street stories while Buddha has incinerated the hairs on my chest, burned a hole in the flesh of my chest all the way to my heart reminding me of my vow.

When they are gone quarreling about where to get more tobacco, I go back to bed sleeping off my hang-over and mentally making up my mind...tomorrow this new life of study and sports will finally more heavy drinking but a New Life of dedicated running in the park and studies, boredom to the MAX but at least a better and healthier way to spend my days here in Amsterdam, better for my inmortal mind and empty wallet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back home, hard to believe.


I find it hard to believe finding myself back on the stairs outside De Schakel, the homeless centre in my neighborhood, drinking a cup of luke-warm coffee and wondering what in hell's name I'm doing here in this city.

I mean I had such a good time out there at the other side of the world, all the way around the globe in Southeast Asia where the food is tasty, the life good and the weather wonderfully sunny, where I'm the focus of constant attention of local ladies whose smiles are broad and full of promise.

There is no way around it though.....I`m back there where I belong and spend most of my life when not on the move, the place where I have my house and my social participation job at the animal farm for children, the petting zoo in Westerpark, my alcoholic friends - the Brotherhood of Westerpark Drunks - that I had vowed to ignore.

Instead I`m sitting here on these cold stairs sipping luke-warm coffee, cortesy of De Schakel, surrounded by these ragged homeless, the boozers and the druggies whose meagre belongings are often stowed on the back of a rusty bicycle.

Monday morning means garbage collection day so De Schakel is full with crap they found in the street early in the morning and hope to sell to second-hand stores later during the day.

I talk to Rob and Little-Shit-Richard about my trip, I cycle over to the bank to pay the bills that accumulated in the form of a huge pile of official looking envelopes pushed under my door by my neighbors - I`m overdue paying most of them but I don`t care a shit! - , I visit the animal farm to find out about my new hours - "start tomorrow please Hans, everybody is sick", Magriet asks me.

Hard to believe I was still sitting on Pattaya's boulevard just a few days ago giving Moo twenty baht for food and a few Chang beer to my former lovers. Sipping Leo beer while the Hot Mommas were busy "hey you sexy man, me go with you", calling after any passing farang male walking by.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remembering the Hot Mommas

Holland, Amsterdam.

I arrive to a sunny but crisp Amsterdam - goodbey to the Thai sun that I enjoyed so much these last couple of months. Goodbey to the melodious Thai language and hello to the harch sounds of marrocans passing me in the Haarlemmerdijk, tourist English and German, gutteral Dutch from the locals, rapid Spanish from pot smoking punks from Barcelona.

The drunk brotherhood is still boozing away in Westerpark and I recognise each single one of them but even at the distance of a mere fifty meters they don't see me, already in the realm of King Alcohol argueing who will have to pay the next round of Albert Heyn luke-warm beer.

I climb the stairs to the second floor of the house I live in admiring the art that adorns the walls of the staircase, my own art but after two months in Southeast Asia it looks almost foreign to me, blowing my mind.

My appartment still looks exactly as I left it....dusty and chaotic with books, newspapers and all sorts of typical male possessions strewn around the place. The sort of place you could expect any confirmed bachelor to live in!!!

I ignore the huge heap of post my neighbors have pushed under my front door - mostly bills no doubt - sit down in my favorite easy chair overlooking the inner garden behind my house and allow my mind to wander back to Thailand, back to the Hot Mommas of Pattaya I will have to do without for some time as yet....sigh....sigh....sigh....

Back to Pattaya´s boulevard where less then twenty-four hours ago I was surrounded by beautifull women, all of them having come over to my favorite haunt in front of soi ten, in front of 7-Eleven where I bought my cold to the touch Leo beer and made my little dates for Number-One-Bumbsing-You-And-Me-In-My-room. I had sexual intercourse with each and every one of them and now being surrounded by all these hot to trot Hot Mommas is a real boost to my male phyche.

Needless to say I feel quite happy to pay them a few free Chang, twenty baht for Moo for food.

Goodbey to you all. I know you´ll be in my dreams in the months to come and we ain´t talking the Chakwao type of dreams, nor are we thinking about dreams that go Pagwan in the dark, the pillow talk after good sex.

You do as you please you poor creatures of the dark. I have gotten used to your ravished faces and worn-out bodies, screaming at me in the dark of night, visiting me during my most intimate moments of sleep in the privacy of my own bed.

After all these years of visiting your country, that so-called Country Of The smile, the counntry of superstitious people where the animistic spirit world is alive with female goulds following me back to Farang Land for a strange and weird quest of revenge, haunting me and leaving me no mental pease.

I will be back, whatever, next year always keeping my eyes open for juicy Thai pussy and Good Heart, a sexy smile and feminine pupils promising me a few cherished hours of sexual lust in exchange for Thai baht never bothering to tell me about the higher price my tormnented mind will have to pay once back home.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The life story of an old Hot Momma.

Thailand, Pattaya.

She has been after me all day wearing a ragged short brown colored dress that radiates an odour of stale sweat and assorted bodily smells. She has been drinking Chang beer steadily all day trying hard to hook up with me, pushing her slightly overweight body against mine and stealing kisses every so often. In fact she been doing her utmost from the moment she first laid eyes on me just after I appeared on the boulevard after my buffet breakfast at the Apex Hotel walking over to the boulevard for my first Leo beer of the day.

I refused to let myself be carried away by her obvious sexual advances though - she even paid me a Leo with me retruning the favour later during the evening - and in the course of the day I found out her whole personal she has worked the GAME back home in Amsterdam - she even spoke some Dutch - did the brothel scene in Penang, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong showing me her passport to prove her point.

I got her point alright. She made a shit load of money but was too busy spending it on expensive Thai freeloading boyfriends, staying at luxury hotels near international airports while waiting for a plane back home, impressive juwelery that has been pawned long since, mind-enhancing drugs and heavy booze, never thinking about the days that were sure to come when her body was not so young anymore and therefore expendible in the international prostitution scene, no savings for that dreadful afterlife of an experienced Thai hooker in her later days.

At trity-eight years of age, with an ever growing tumpui and a face going the way of a century old piece of concrete due to booze and half a life time of merry go round and nighttime party activities, she now marches up and down Pattaya's boulevard where she has got to compete with Hot Mommas 15 years her junior and much better looking.

When she came "knock-knock-knock" on my door at two-thirty in the morning she nearly raped me desperate for sex as a proof for her self-steem, a bodily and mental necesity for a ravished life and a fucked-up mind.

Two hours of wild sex - she didn't even wear a slip under her smelly garment or bothered to take a quick shower to wash off a thick layer of stale sweat accumulated over several hot and drunken days.

With five hundert baht in her worn purse she left me,no doubt to drink more moonshine whiskey and maybe a few puffs of Yaa-Baa returning to my room four times in the course of the night/morning but it must be obvious I never opened the door despite her insistent knock-knock-knock!!!

My balls were empty, my mind needed sleep and my body the luxury of rest!!!

So very sorry Miss Nha.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The end is nigh

Thailand, Pattaya.

I did tell Miss fohn that I would have another lady staying with me last night. Still I presume this twenty-five year old Hot Momma with an infectious smile and a sexual body that always when I talk to her on the boulevard incited a huge ecretion in my pants.

Leaving her on the boulevard disappointed all over her pretty young face I walked back to soi Honey-Inn finding I-Fell-off-motorbike-while-Mau waiting for me and quickly following me up to my room where in no time we were naked and ready for action.

I presume Miss Fohn really needed her money knocking on my door just minutes after penetration had taken place.

This is the sort of "shit" I try hard to tell my friends about back home in Amsterdam, the sort of stuff that their alcoholic minds, ravished by too much cheap Albert Heyn upermarket beer, too much Nederweed and small balls of crack, find hard to comprehend.

Take Rob for example, a seripous boozer if ever I have met one but still into the ladies either jacking off late at night in the privacy of his house in front of his telly with super hard hardcore porn or else banging down and out Westerpark female drinking buddies, being off to the infamous Red Light District downtown in Amsterdam.

Better to save up your pennies and get off here with Thailand's beautifull Hot Mommas at a fraction oif the prise having to pay back home.

But my time, how ever pleasurable it might be, here in Pattaya is fast coming to an end with my Eva Air plane leaving from Suvarnibhumi New Airport in less then forty-eight hours.

Back home to Amsterdam, back to my volunteer job at the animalfarm for children, back to my house and my social wellfare Uitkering, back to that fucked-up and chaotic life that I never seem to have any control over full with addiction problems and no more horny Hot Mommas, no more tranquil drinking of Leo beer on the boulevard while pretty young and a bit older Hot Mommas try hard to chat me up, a few hours of sexual sexercize in my New Star Guesthouse in exchange for a meagre five hundert baht note.

The end is nigh and I realise that if people ring my bell late at night back in Amsterdam it will be the Westerpark brotherhood of drunks looking for a few free can of beers instead of hot to trot Thai ladies.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Categorising the Pattaya's Hot Mammas

Thailand, Pattaya.

With my time nearly coming to an end here in this Thai beach resort where your malehood is being glorified by all these Hot Mommas, clicketyclack their high heels go while marching up and down the boulevard on an endless quest for farang, the inevitable handbag dangling from their hands, dressed in short mineshirts or or even shorter blue jeans shorts showing off hard bodied legs all the way to their bum.

I have to categorise the hot babes I take back to my room. Those like yesterday's 25 year old Gail with whom I had gentle sex taking my time to penetrade her soft and already wed to the touch snatch, making love to her for a full hour and more the way I make love to a farang girlfriend back home in ancient Europe.

The same way I made love to 44 year old Fohn whose big smile did me in. Despite her bandages arm - "me fell off motorbike taxi while mau, Hans" -, sweet and hot we got off together after which she straddled my face and demanded "make smoke me' Hans", which was an absolute delight.

Then there are those that come to my room, often late at night or early in the morning, a belly full with moonshine whiskey and a head in disarray because of too much Yaa-Baa which makes them horny to the touch, slippery wed in their underwear. On a hot and horny quest they come to my New Star Guesthouse room looking for a big monster farang prick to amuse themselves with all night - the Yaa-Baa makes it impossible for them to get to sleep, another side effect of this carzy drug apart from being "me horny too much, Hans".

These Yaa-Baa crazed Hot Mommas I shag as they come, horny and hard pushing my male farang member up and down their wed pussies while pinning their legs wide apart and down on the bed while their heads go left and right in an incontrolable frenzy, their nails scratching away at my sun tanned chest leaving deep bloody gashes. I turn them around doggy-fashion way taking them from behind while my hands push their shoulders into the matrass that screacks in protest, their faces burried in the pillows.

They try to fight me back straddling me and pushing my erect member up their behind, rubbing their clits back and forward on my belly hard, their long nails burried in my white farang thighs, their head trusted between their shoulders facing the ceiling as though they wanna see if my fan is still in working order.

When they get their cherished orgasm they leave me a physical wreck but still want more and while I lie their on my back covered in sweat and panting, feeling close to a fatal heart attack, they suck my still erect dick, our combined juices dripping down my shaft all the way down to my balls, and suck me hard and with no merci. I am not allowed to go limp "this my cock now, Hans".

These drunk and sex starved Hot Mommas are the ones I fuck like prostitutes!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If I was born as a Thai male....

Thailand, Pattaya.

These last few days I have become a bit inactive as far as the Hot Mommas go, shunning their incessant attention on the boulevard. My mind full with worries about my Karmic health.

Shit, had a been born an Asian I wouldn't have been in this mental mess, had I been born an Asian male I would have understood the Asian concept so much better. Or maybe I would have cared less about the plight of the Isaan sisterhood. I would probably look down on them with contempt, screw my balls off and get their hard earned money for moonshine whiskey, take it off them by force if necesary never mind the two or three babies she has got back in Buriram or Qurat thate desperately need food and education.

But then had I been born an Asian male I would probably have been born with a small prick instead of the monster that now hangs between my white farang thighs.

I'm tempted to go back into a few past life cycles to find out if maybe my fascination with these always smiling Hot Mommas might have something to do with a past life as a Hot Momma myself. Maybe the real reason of my fucked-up dream world, maybe why i feel so much compasion for the harsh life they experience in this reality.

But then to accomplish something as complicated as visting your past life cycles for a stupid European raised farang like me needs years of dedicated Vipassana meditation and I am way too lazy for that sort of mental work!!!

Still....I'm happy enough with my farang excistence in the here and now even though I know fully well these ravished female Thai faces will follow my through Morpheus' realm for the remainder of my time on this male controled world.

I know fully well - given the dough necesary to finance this sexual addiction - I'll keep coming to Asia, back to this Male Paradise called Pattaya for as long as my physical health will allow, maybe even settle down here for real, say three to six months a year would be just fine.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drowning in an ocean of worries.

Thailand, Pattaya.

I'm in a slumber, in my half awake/half asleep state of mind which is hurting slightly because of the two 7 procent alcohol content Chang beer I consumed before retiring to my room for a well deserved night of sleep, with my dream world once again returning to the Thai concept of Karma...WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND as the Europeans might say.

And Karma there is in my life. These ten days I spend here in Big Party Palace Pattaya are full with luscious hot staeming and orgasmic self indulgence with my self-steem going into overdrive due no doubt to a female army of the Isaan sisterhood of Hot Mommas who share their lith hot bodies willingly in exchange for a couple of hours of physical sexercize.

My mind is hopping like a huge cockroach that accidently wander on an electric stove with the heat turned fully up.

The sorrows I feel in this nighttime dreamworld, my anxieties for my inmortal soul and the bitterness my next dozen or so life cycles will have to go through all becuase of my physical and mental addiction to these hard bodies Hot Mommas are drowning in an ocean of worries.

Knock knock knock it goes again on my door and that at 04.30 h. in the morning taking me out of my semi-awake/semi-asleep state of mind. I need no introduction to the identity of my nighttime visitor at the other side of my door....I know with absolute certainty it'll be Moon the lady I was with early afternoon....I have no doubt she has been drinking moonshine Thai whiskey all day...after all she left my room with a pussy full with my sperm and five hundert Thai baht in her purse.

I saw her late afternoon drunk out of her mind asleep on the boulevard dressed in the smelly T-shirt I gave her. I know for a fact she never bothered to pick up her laundry as she told me before leaving my room.

Maybe she made another five hundert baht shorttime with a farang just as hot and horny for her as I was...another five hundert baht for moonshine whiskey and maybe some Yaa-Baa.

I let her in together with the impregnated cloud of moonshine whiskey that hangs around her like some sort of death cloak - this crap does KILL them in the end you know - , a bit of hot sex might come in handy here to drive away these Karma invested nightmares and the slightly Chang induced headache that inhabites the inside of my farang skull.

Monday, March 9, 2009

An inexperienced young Hot Momma

Thailand, Pattaya.

It took me some time but I have by now completely given up trying to comprehent what my sexual escapades with these poor Isaan Hot Mommas will have on my Karma in the next couple of life cycles.
No more feeling guilty getting it off with the female members of the Isaan clan that populate the thousands of open-air bars, whorehouses, striptease joints, the discos in South Pattaya's Walking Street and the numerous Go-Go bars.

Instead I watch with exquisite pleasure how my stiff male member is moving in and out of Moon's mouth while she is sitting on my toilet and dripping wed from the shower she just had. We are in between shags and she is expertly preparing for Round Two.

Though she is only two years younger then me but at forty-two she still has got a lith and sexy body with no Big Tompui and small apple shaped titties and, as I have found out already, and extremely tight pussy.

Actually her vagina could easily compete in tightness with the Miss Isaphone's I had sex with last night and who was only twenty-three, inexperienced and HOT TO TROT, her female sex wed and producing sexual enticing smells that lingered in my room long after she was gone.

She was obviously new to the game, spoke hardly any english and was eager to please, an angel in bed and maybe my prize for sharing all these beers with her more experienced Asian sisters, my reward for giving them El Senyor Dinero for a necesary meal after having spent all their dough on alcohol and drugs and no farang for two days - no good for me, Hans. Me not have money now. Me hungry, please twenty Baht for Laos food, please, please, please."

If this young Isaphone Hot Momma in the making is not carefull shew might very well end up addicted to KING ALCOHOL and smoke Yaa-Baa too much, a couple of Leuk Kreung - half-caste - babies looked after by grand mamma while she is waiting for the next farang on a stone bench on pattaya's boulevard.

However, for now she is still a twenty-three year old inexperienced and innocent Thai lady full with dreams of a farang husband, living with him in a far away European country in a big house, LCD TV screen and washing machine - no more laundry done by hand - and a nanny for the Leuk Kreung baby boy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A nightly vist by a mentally fucked-up Miss Guan

Thailand, Pattaya.

It is 04.00 h. in the morning and I am deep asleep holding a softly snoring Moo in a tight embrace when the knock-knock-knock on my door starts. Soft groaning emerging from the other side of the door, a stammering voice "I want my Buddha back, Hans!", I don't need to make any second guess about the female identity of the person at the other side of my door.....Miss Guan of course, totally of her head no doubt on cheap Moonshine whiskey and way too much Yaa-Baa in her fucked-up mind.

Moo seems to know what and who too waking and telling me "too much smoke and whiskey, crazy old lady", adding in a semi-screaming voice "matta lai?" plus a whole lot more Laotian accented Thai that is way beyond my limited Thai understanding.

With the persistent whining and knocking continueing she jumps out of the bed not bothering to cover her beautifull naked body with one of these hotel provided orange colored towels, storms to the door and within mere seconds a big heavy arguements is in full swing between these two Hot Mommas. Pushing and shoving and angry feminine voices which I try hard to ignore.

When eventually Miss Guan is gone, another mental victim of the Thai sex industry, and a seriously still stark naked Moo returns to bed way to work up to fall back to sleep, I decide A good number one sex session might calm her down and exhaust her enough to get back into the arms of Lord morpheus.

In the morning walking down the boulevard still quite amused in a starnge sort of way, I see a heavily tattood Japanese walking in my direction whom I instantly recognise from a life size photo behind Mike's Shopping Hall in front of one of the Tattoo shops. His head might have been scissored out of that pic. but the tattoos on his upper body are a dead give away.

Walking past him I quickly and quite openly check his finger tips with furtive glances of my farang blue eyes and of his pinkies is missing a few digits. The man is Yacuza, Japanese Maffia.

I always thought the tattoo stuff and the missing finger digit stories where actually a myth brought into the world by the American movie industry. Well think again mate.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Karmic Influences in Pattaya


Joy's face is betraying absolute pleasure while I slowly trust in and out of her soaking wed pussy, the wrinkles of her already late forties face slowly disappaer due to the multiple orgasmes that rock her body and make her whole petite female physique tremple under my hard male chest which she is kneading with her small hands, her long nails scratching deep into my flesh.

A few years ago when we first met and would find her waiting in front of my guesthouse around two o'clock in the morning so she could sleep in my room, we used to have these steamy sex sessions all night with her asking me whenever I had come "you want more?", not waiting for an answer but instead taking my still erect male member in her mouth and giving me head not bothering about the sperm and her own female juices that would still cover the scarlet red top of my penis.

Nowadays she has got a Austrian boyfriend so she can't affort to stay all night but a short time we easily turn into a two hour sex party gets us both choi choi dans la tete.
In between the physical action she tells me about the state of her Austrian's boyfriend's physical prowess,

"he have small penis, not like come up, he come quick, not like you!"

I don't think the poor sod would be very happy - choi choi, remember? - if he knew not only are we growing him little horns - or maybe BIG HORNS for that matter - but also is his beloved Asian Tilak telling her handsome younger farang lover on the side all his little secrets......!!!

After it is all over and I find myself back on the boulevard with an ice-cold Leo beer trying to recuperate, Miss Joy back to Mister-Small-Bestowed-Austria on the back of a twenty baht motorbike taxi that I paid for, do I meet Miss Guan who is busy collecting her nighttime amount of empty bottles drunk out of her head on moonshine whiskey and probably with a fair dose of Yaa-Baa down her throat.

While she is giving me the usual story of the "horrors" of having to sleep on the beach again, I realise that a year from now this could very well be Miss Joy's lot as well who is of Miss Guan's age and will therefore soon enough be out of business.

Farangs prefer their Hot Mommas young and unexperienced, right of the bus from Thailand's poor north, full with dreams and hope of marrying a young handsome farang from the West who will take them home and give them two or three mixed race babies.

I ponder on this subject of human misery and ill luck after Miss Guan has gone collecting more empty bottles and aluminium beer cans when suddenly she returns dragging a shruffy dirty looking lady along....

"I have good lady for you, Hans, only thirty five years old and horny for you".

She yells into my face....shit three times in a row, this poor Hot Momma is up to her eyeballs on Yaa-Baa, probably not much aware of the world around her anymore, bodily smells of a female body that hasn't seen a shower for weeks and clothes without a laundry job for way too long go up deep into my nostrils.

I leave them both in a genuine hurry wondering about the Karmic Influences of what I do, have been doing here in this Big Party Palce called Pattaya.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My younger sister in Thailand

Thailand, Pattaya.

Apparently Moo took a room in my guesthouse the day I arrived and then spent the whole night in the foyer while I was in my own room upstairs getting my brains fucked out my Miss Guan.

So what did Moo do their the whole night...?...waiting for a horny and drunk as a skunk farang coming back to the guesthouse after a night of fun down in one of the many Go-Go bars in Walking Street watching the girls perform life sex shows on the bar while working on his Happy Hour Chang beer getting uncomfortable in his pants and having all sorts of erotic fantasies in his farang head but unwilling to depart with the bar fee.

A bloke like that would certainly have been a good customer for her provided he didn't get talked into a short time by one of her Hot Momma colleages on the boulevard while staggering back home, his drunk brain feeling regret he was too greedy or maybe too shy to come up with the bar fee and have sex condom-consciously upstairs in onbe of the specially provided rooms of the Go-Go bar.

With all the beer in his gut and the alcohol doing a good job on his horny brains he would have been a good catch fore any lady on the boulevard, easy money to pay for the honey!!!

However, nothing of all that happened and poor Moo ended up waiting in the guesthouse's foyer waiting in vain for a treasured customer like that, no money in her pocket but an expensive room upstairs where her empty purse was desperately awaiting the farang's baht. A five hundert note baht would have done nicely!!!

Moo has been an old friend of quite some years so when I listened to her story yesterday morning on the boulevard, how she needed the money for the tooth ache that has been plaqueing her these last coule of weeks I promised her she could come over to my room for a shower and a nap.

Moo used to hang out with Josef, my old friend from Germany/Koln but since his untimely "demise" quite some years ago, I have sort of been helping out poor Moo with small amounts of baht and drinking beer together whenever I spend time in Pattaya, having come to consider her a good friend who always convides in me, chitchating about her live as a Hot Moma on the infamous boulevard of Pattaya.

Over the course of all these years I have come to feel a strange sort of brotherly love for her, the sort of protective love an older brother has for a younger sister which always makes me wonder whether or not sexual intercourse should stay out of the equation between her and me......

Needless to say a shower and a nap made her return later at night spending the whole night next to me on the matress snoring away peacefully wrapped in my "brotherly" arms.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My second day in Pattaya and I have been laid two time already!!!

Thailand, Pattaya.

A twenty hour train trip all the way from Penang in Malaysia up to Krung Thep/Bangkok brought me within a few hours from Pattaya by airco minbus though I opted to stay overnight in Bangkok.

Only the second time in over two dozen trip to The Land of the Smile that I travelled by train but despite a weird incident during the night, I might very well consider the comfort of a sleeper on the Thai railways over the so-called VIP airco buses with their reclining seats and young farang couples making out on the small little cubicle that is the bus,s toilet when the lights go out and the onboard TV stops blaring away showing American Hollywood movies and locally produced Thai dramas.

Within hours after arriving - needless to say I checked in at my old favourite in Soi Hony-Inn, the New Star Guesthouse - I met my old ladyfriend Dang who instandly did her best to for an invite to my room later during the night and actually showing up at my door, make up on her face and dressed in a fresh set of clothes, feminine perfume and an empty purse, ready for a short-time that set me back 500 Thai baht.

With Dang out of the way and a used condom in my garbage can, empty balls but still horny I wandered around the boulevard feeling strangely at home in this Southeast Asian male kingdom, Hot Mommas shoulder to shoulder populating the stone benches shooting me lustfull smiles full with promises, "me like go with you, sexy man" rings in my farang ears while I wander up and down every so often sitting down to work on a cold alumium can of Leo beer.

Again I see a familiar face - small wonder there after all the "love affairs" I been through over the long years of coming back and yet back again to Pattaya.
I is Guan, the nutty and down and out Hot Momma I was with a few times 6 weeks ago when I started this trip.

She is collecting empty beer bottles and thereby betraying to me she is in a serious need of money - no money no honey as they say in this part of the world. I have no doubt she is once again sleeping on the beach short of customers and short of Thai baht.

In the end she spents the night in my room horny like hell and unable to sleep, a clear sign she is off her head on YaaBaa.

My second day in Pattaya and I have been laid two time already!!!