Thursday, August 30, 2007

Richard, the little shit!

Amsterdam, 29-08-2007. Ever since Richard has come out of jail - he was in for three months and the way i see it, another three or even six months more would have been good for the neighborhood! - the whole drunk scene in the park has run from one disaster into the next. Fights, drunk screaming in the buurvrouw`s - everybody calls Jolanda the buurvrouw - street, problems with Frank and Harry losing his keys, yeah guys, have your fun, the scene has way too quiet since Richard was in jail. Now that he is back you can have your heart`s fun again. Yeah, Richard, that little fuck certainly knows how to stir things up. Not that it bothers me much, ever since i threw the "whole Gang of Evil Brothers" out of my house, i have been doing not all that bad, with Rob the only member of the park`s drunk occasionally coming over and telling me all the park`s stories. I only smoke a bit of pot now and do moderate drinking. Still.....all the conflicts and drunk man`s troubles.....they are mostly out of my life now......but the attraction is still there, however hard that might sound!!! The stupid and useless sitting around in the park with your drinking buddies and knocking down all that cheap supermarket beer, luke warm and all that, the constant bullshit talking and all the endless drunk conflicts. What the fuck do i find so attractive in all that that i find it so hard to let it go and live a more healthy life???

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More of Kochanie Brigitta.

Amsterdam, 28-08-2007. Allthough i finished with Kochanie Brigitta at least three months ago, she keeps sending me e-mails and telephone calls. Was i that good or what??? Well, i have to admit all this attention is good for my ego but wether or not i feel all that positive about it is a different matter al together!!! Another trip to Berlin is out of the question and after all her critism about my house, i would say that another Brigitta visit to me here in Amsterdam is pretty much out of the question as well!!! I know i could call in a specialised cleaning company doing a good cleaning job on my house and she would still find something to complain about.......Have been there, have seen that....... and didn`t like it one little bit!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

My lucky games.

Amsterdam, 27-08-2007. After several days of hardly leaving the house due to that darned attack of thin shit and running to and fro to the toilet and back to bed, i finally found myself capable of spending time at the A. Frank House. As always when i leave the house with my battered old suitcase tied to the back of my bicycle, i feel good and happy. I have come to the conclusion over all the years i have been selling these funny games that they bring me luck, not exactly my own opinion either, nearly all of my friends have told me so. I have to admit though, all of these people are street people with heavy adictions that just eats their social wellfare money like there is no tommorow, always searching the streets for something worth a few bucks, always asking people for a few spare euros, beer money my old lady-friend and mother to our daughter Amanda used to say. I meet people from all over the world when i sell my games. Even today i once again received pics from a customer she made at the A. Frank House.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Having the shits.

Amsterdam, 23-08-2007. He he, finally out of the house again selling my Mandalas. Not that the last couple of days have been bad, weather speaking that is. However, i could not leave the house due to a heavy attack of the shits. Tought at first it was some sort of side effect of all the skunk weed i have been smoking off late, i do tend to get these side effect but i believe in this special case i must have been a virus. And a heavy one at that, i had to go up and to the toilet at least twice every hour the last couple of nights. Not much sleep to be gained from that and a veryt dehydrated body in the morning but no appetite not the energy to leave the house. Today i felt like a should givwe the A. Frak House a try and mananged to sell 16 games feeling sort of okay but still no appetite. Well, at leat the craving for skunk pot is mostly gone to as well as my insatiable thirst for cheap supermarket beer and RED WINE, my favourite as a matter of fact.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hooked again on Miss MJ.

Amsterdam, 17-08-2007. Can`t believe it but YES!!! i am most defititely hooked again...Hooked on Miss MJ also known as Marijuana, a sweet drug that makes me feel good but gets me so goddarned inactive - something that i could do without at this time of the year. I should be out a nd about selling my Mandalas, making money so i can do nice things again like going back to Thailand or, maybe, back to the chickenfarms in Cambodya....Any one way i really could do without this inactive life of lying around and smoking POT! Numerous sorties out of the house in sunny weather, time that should be spent selling games at the A. Frank House but instead i walk out of the house several times a day, to the nearest coffee shop like The Clown or the other one a bit further on right next to the new Albert Heyn supermarket, The Wow, ah yeah, that was the name. So where did this addiction come from, anyway? I suppose it all really started in India during my last stint there, when i lived like a long term freak, an alternative and chilam with charras junk. Visiting all the freak places, comfortably named by the Lonely Planet Tavel guide. Fuck you, Tony Wheeler!!! Well, i presume i would have found them even without the Loney Planet. There and then i willfully choose to get hooked and live the way of a western Freak in india, on a long overland trip and sipping Bhang Lassies, YEAH< THAT WAS FUN ALLRIGHT!!! Still when i finally came back i vowed to leave it all behind and go back to my more sportive life, well i suppose one can guess what came out of that new year`s resolution, hahahahaha.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bicycle messenger.

Amsterdam, 08-08-2007. Funny... found this picture of myself today hidden in a mess of medical stuff, hospital appointments and tendist`s bills, that sort of CRAP. Yeah, a was just back in Holland then having been on first bicycle trip, a two month trip from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and regresa. When these two months were over i had become a bicycle junky, no big surprise there i guess, i mean after two months on a bicycle!!!! What do you expect? Anyway on my return i took a job as a bicycle messenger. The next five years being on and off employed as a bicycle messenger made quite an impression on me and impacted my way of thinking and and social life. This pic is made in my first year as a bicycyle messenger if i remember correctly.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Blote Billen Parade.

Amsterdam, 07-08-2007. Great weather last saturday which was good news for the gay community in Amsterdam. It was the day of their yearly Gay Pride, formerly called the Gay Parade - or as i like to call it; the Blote Bllen Parade which roughly translates as the Naked Bum Parade. Nearly 70 boats they had this year each one populated by semi-naked gay people either male or female, all of them dancing around and waving to the spectators who have come in droves and stood in rows of 5 trying to catch a glimse of all this semi-naked skin. With the recent spree of anti-gay violence it was hardly surprising that the message of this year`s parade was one of more tolerance toward gay people. I was not really surprised to read in the sunday edition of the dutch Telegraaf that 3 gay oriented people in Amsterdam had been seriously molested in the night of saturday/sunday!!! If i was gay i would walk around with a can of pepper spray i guess.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Glorified long term unemployed people.

Amsterdam, 03-08-2007. Looks like the summer and with it, the good weather has finally arrived to Amsterdam. I notice it whenever i go out to the Anna Frank house selling my games, selling them like sweet pancakes, people sometimes literally rip them out of my hands.!!! Semi-police people - a sort of glorified long term unemployed person all dressed up in an uniform that slightly looks like as dutch beatcop`s garb and with no police power whatsoever - often come over to chat. One could call them losers or one could call them people who at least try to do something for society. I prefer the latter after ll.... my friends are all devotewd to Mister Alcohol and do nada but sit around in Westerpark and surroundings involved in their petty little quarrels that always are over El Senyor Poderoso Dinero, beer and por, tabbaco and bolletjes coke. Rob came over today as well, somewhere in between the glorified police people, yeah GOOD planning ROB!!! Ten Euros in his pockets were mine, he borrowed them yeaterday and a plstic bag with Nieuwe Haring, my lunch. Ten minutes after he left the glorifiers were back. Somewhere in between all this shit i had a lady from Bangladesh sitting n my lap posing for a fotograph, my hands on the rolls of fat around her mid section. Oh yeah and i managed to sell 10 games and some pulseras, that is what i have come out here to do after all.