Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lord Buddha on a newspaper page

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A visitor at the petting zoo

I don't usually take my sketchbook with me to the petting zoo in Westerpark where I do my volunteer job, the work is too hard and too much, but I did today and made a quick study of one of our visitors.

This is the result 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rest for the weary

Amsterdam, 23 Dec. 2012.

An amazing period of tranquility, rest and relaxation on the battlefield that is normally waged full scale inside my crazy head, these last couple of weeks since returning from Spain...Dhai Dee, Dhai Dee some of my ladyfriends in Thailand would normally say, f*cked in the head but not these aforementioned last couple of weeks, locked up in the house, alone with my paint brushes and the free of charge Metro newspaper pages I substitute for canvasses and that in these worldwide times of monetary crisis come in handy to inmortalise all these Thai Hot mommas who sooner rather than later will be the reality of my life again but right now only fill my gray brain cells....

My only distractions out of the crappy old house I live in here in wintery but rainy Mokum are my hard work at the local neighborhood petting zoo - the pics show our X-mas celebration by the way and merry X-mas at that for whoever might read all these mental tribulations of a pour soul whose literature attempts of nonsense are meaningless and illusory - my early morning cycle trips just to return to my home and in a hurry and filling my walls with complete non-purpose artwork...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to Thailand soon

Most of these Thai lady newspaper portraits com from portrait sketches in my sketchbook, done during my latest stint in male friendly Pattaya last winter

...Soon to be back again, only four more weeks before leaving the infamous miserable Dutch winter weather behind for more Farang male comfortable conditions in the Kingdom of the Smile

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alone in my tent, holding the demons at bay..

Amsterdam, 17 Dec. 2012.

I feel alone and on the run, as always on the run, no friends and , maybe even more important, no women, just me and my Kross bicycle, all the crap that during the day is precariously tied to the bike's luggage rack and at night strewn around chaotically inside my tent, that tent hidden among the trees of some forest in the Spain interior...

Me in front of it, in front of my campfire, drawing women, loads of them, faces and nudes...if I wouldn't do this, insanity would set in, and going crazy in a foreign country tends to become much more complicated as going nutty as a fruitcake back home. A madman far awy from native soil has no anchors to hold on to, there are no helpfull Amigos or free - though totally tasteless - food at the Tweede Mijl, back home the police doesn't want to arrest you while you are off your mind, no Banditos intrested in the empty linings of your blue jeans's pockets...

But here in the Spain interior faces tend to follow me when I pass through small farmer villages, the lingo maybe not unfamiliar though that of the unpredictable Gods might be, still going out of one's head is a bad idea, running away from the demons at night even worse...

So I hold them at bay, madness and crazy mental tribulations, drawing female faces and Hot Momma nudes!!!

A story I wrote in front of my tent last autumn in the Spain interior...late at night, facing absolute boredom and physicall desperation, mental lonliness and sexual frustration, on the brink of .....fill it in for yourself.

Amsterdam Brouwersgracht corner Prinsengracht

Sunday, December 16, 2012


The Amsterdam Westerchurch, as seen from the Leliedwarsstr. in the Jordaan.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ladies relaxing on the bed

Some of the sketches I made in my sketchbook late at night in front of my tent, in the light of my little campfire, remembering all the Hot Mommas that will probably harrass me again next month when I retrun to Thailand, during my cycle trip last autumn in Spain

Waiting for my Thai visa

Reasonably sunny weather today so I could go out and made this sketch near the Anne Frank House, Leliegracht corner Prinsengracht while waiting for my Thai visa at the Royal Thai consulate on the Herengracht 444

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ladies, two dimensional or three dimensional

Amsterdam, 12 - 12 -2012.

Beautifull and nearly naked ladies fill my house here in my beloved Mokum, though all of them in the two dimensional state and acryl painted on free edition pages of the Metro daily, winking at me with oriental and devouring eyes, reminding me that my next trip to King Bhumipol's Asian realm is imminent - five more weeks to go and counting down - two months of fun and Pas De Hiver in Europe, instaed pleasant temperatures and never ceasing attention by the opposite local gender will be my deal and constant part of life...

When not working my volunteer thing, my do-good Pero Non Soldi sort of shit for the neighborhood, then spending all my time working on my newspaper page project, portrait after portrait, nudes a-plenty and the occasional Crazy Amsterdam Bridges produced by paint covered Farang fingers that mentallly are already at that ten hours of flying trip away from present domicile, Asian female faces from the Isan looking at me the moment I close my blue shiners to drift off to Lord Morpheus' realm late at night just to be there again when I wake up and soon to be transported to the third dimensional state of existence...only five weeks, remember and counting...

Quick sorties on my rusty old Giant bicycle for excersize purposes after morning cups of Java, brakes a sorry affair that puts me at risk in the Amsterdam traffic, maybe even a bigger risk of not catching that plane, that alu can of enormous dimensions and capable tio get me to that male paradise called Pattaya in a mere twelve hours, missing my plane at the cost of a stupid ten Euro repair costs at the local Fietspiraat bicycle repair shop here in my street and only minutes away...runs in Westerpark for more fresh air and braving the cold of the Low Countries winter...

Coming back to my Spaarndammerstr. condo just to face these two dimensional faces of Metro newspaper pages, more and more nudes, some more Crazy Bridges acrylics..just not enough place on my walls, the way my room in Soi Honey Inn's New Star gu est house will five weeks from now, be too small for all my female three dimensional visitors

Thai model on a newspaper page

Most of these newspaper page portraits I have been uploading to this blog are based on pen drawings in my sketchbook, done last winter during my latest stay in Pattaya, Thailand.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crazy Amsterdam bridges

Amsterdam Leliegracht near the Anne Frank House...

Acrylics on a newspaper page.