Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adios to Bone.

Amsterdam,27-09-2007. Only a few days before his messy death did me and Rob see Bone in Het Kleine Parkje, as we call the little park here in the Spaarndammer neighborhood, reading the Metro. Little did we know than that his life was about to be over, drowning with his head heavy and high on booze and soft drugs. They all thought he died of cancer but having read the newspaper over breakfast i knew better. He died falling into the canal intoxicated and all that, apart from the fact that he was rumoured not to be able to swim, never learned it at school or later in his life. I guess he was too busy with the booze and drugs ever to have the free time to take up swimming lessons, too late now. Meanwhile my life here in Amsterdam is as chaotic as ever even though the Gang Of Evil Brothers is out and over with in my life, as a matter of fact we ignore each other whenever we happen to see ech other in the neighborhood. I am still up to date about whatever happens to them, though. Rob and Richard see to that.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tom cats!!!

Amsterdam, 04-09-2007. I was not really surprised to meet Rob nad Richard at the Schakel yesterday when i went there for my early morning free coffee. Ending up with them in my house and drinking luke warm beer - courtesy of Rob who had just made 5 Euro removing some stuff for the second hand shop right next door. On the spur of the moment i agreed and even bought them a small box of cigarillos and even showed Richard Google Earth which i had downloaded only days before. Well now that did get his attention, Rob had already seen it a few days before. Funny thing between these two, they grew up together and though Rob is the giant and Riochard just a little shit, it is Richard who is the dominating factor in their friendship!!! As a matter of fact, whenever Richard is in jail - which is often! - Rob does good and doesn`t drink too much nor does he gets himself in too many problems. But whenever Richard is around things tend to change, fights in the park and all sorts of alcohol inspired shit happens to these two street cats. Rewal tom cats they are, streetwise and always ready for some misschief!!! The pic in this story is of my parents in their garden all the way back to 1987.

Monday, September 3, 2007