Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back to Thailand again.

Amsterdam, 08/03/2007. Rob seems to be the only member from the Gang of Evil Brothers i still have some regular contact with. apart from seeing him occasionally at the Schakel, I have maybe once a week afternoon drinking session at his house. Now, this once a week sort of drinking my head off i can handle. I get to hear the latest news which is always about conflicts in this group of profesional drunks. Like Harry throwing a mobile phone at Frank s head after a heated arguement. FUNNY!!!!!! When after 3 or 4 cans of cheap market beer i return home, he will always give me fried chicken and a few more cans to ``take home``. And as always he does his best to try to repair the problem between me and Harry, ``i will be over at your house with Harry tomorrow`` he screams after me when i leave. Off course he does, he likes this idea of a couple of free beer at Ome Shiva s house with Harry and the mates. I know the way he thinks, the free beer and fried chicken are a great investment for when they are out of money and beer. I didn t tell him, or anyone else from the street that i will be off for Tailand again tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow will be shamboo bolinat, the rael thing SHAMBOO BOLINAT.

Friday, March 2, 2007

getting fit again

Amsterdam, 03-03-2007. Now that my coctact with The Gang Of Evil Brothers seems really over, i am back to my daily runs in the park. My runs have always been my favourite excersize, the fresh air in my lungs, the wind in my face and the sounds of the birds make me feel good and the running gets me fit. Dogs can be a nuisance to a dedicated jogger but then, everything has got its price i guess. Not that my contact with these drunks from the neighborhood is really over, got Rob and Richard at my door trying to sell me a TV again. In the end they sold it to the neighbor next door for 25 Euro. Having done my volunteer job at the animal farm i felt i was permited to drink these cheap supermarket beers with them hearing the latest news from the street, who is having problems with who, their endless conflicts and scermises. A big bottles of cream Whiskey and several beers later i went home to sleep it all off before my date with Gustana. Now, she really is a hot one, the moment i entered her house she lowered her pants planting her hands against the front door and sticking her ass backward to my waiting erection that stuck out from the opened zipper of my blue jeans in waiting anticipation.