Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Move on from my chaotic past.

Amsterdam, 13-01-2008. New episodes, new sub-cultures, new hoppies. I could think of a few. Photography for one. Something that has obviously been dormant inside my mind, that poor tormented head of mine. That head that has been taking so much phycological beat-up crap from Magic Land and all the shit that visited me after I returned to Amsterdam. Yeah, wreiting is another thing that could keep me going. I have been keeping these scrapbooks for a reason after all....I shouldn`t stay the past, that crazy past, the Alcoholic Years, my Chaotic Life. Rather move on, explore the parts of my mind that are still in working order, not destroyed by these huge quantities of booze, pot and all the rest...

Closure of the Free Spaarnd. str. Bar.

Amsterdam, 10-01-2008. Three days now since I kicked the crap out of that Little Shit, Richard and nobody has been at my door, GOOD!!! If anyone I would have expected Rob. Hear the whole story and have a free beer or two - hopefully more if it is up to him - in the process. Maybe this whole street life episode has come to an end like so many other episodes in my life. Oh, I make myself no elusions, I know they will be at my door when there is no money around. However, the way I see it, the free beer stuff has come to an end, no more sigarillos, no more joints. The Spaarndammerstraat Free Bar has closed down like cafe Zus at the Haarlemmerdijk. Not under renovation with a gran reopening!!! No way, the Free Spaarnd. str. Bar has closed down PERMANENTLY!!! Too bad for the Westerpark Brotherhood of Drunks!!! Too bad indeed.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rob`s heavy laugh.

Amsterdam, 08-01-2008. 20 min. past eight before I phoned Kyung this morning to inform her Olivier had not shown up again. no big surprise there!!! I don`t even know who he is though he should have there in my tuesday morning shift for the last 4/5 weeks, never was there, never showed up!!!When I finished my shift - with Kyung and no Olivier - and went over to the Dirk van den Broek supermarket to buy my beloved Vaandel beer I could hear the heavy laugh of Rob and saw the worn out body of Richard in front of the Schakel. No way I was gonna get myself into any more shit after all the crap that happened yesterday....Actually I would feel happy when all this street shit would be over. Maybe it is time for another subject in my life.

Confrontation Day.

Amsterdam, 07-01-2008. The moment I entered the Schakel and saw Old Leo, I knew Richard would be in as well. Honestly speaking I already knew the moment I woke up this morning that today and the Schakel would was Confrontation day and place!!! Off course the Little Shit had his usual amount of kutsmoesjes - stupid excuses in Dutch - again and I wasted no time listening to his crap!!! A few feigned punches to his face were enough to distract him and my right foot found his ribs fast and good kicking him among the chairs while people were still sitting on them. I wasn`t out to hurt him all that hard, just make my point, make him lose face the thai way...Make sure he would get the message not to fuck around with me no more, right there and then while all his street friends were there watching and enjoying the free show, free entertainment....Yeah, my Chaotic Life in Amsterdam.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

More shit with The Little Shit Richard.

Amsterdam, 05-01-2008. Saw that liitle shit again, Richard, in the Albert Heyn supermarket queue. The shitty little bastart still owes me that money for the cell phone. Even though just a mere 15 Euro was a cheap way to get rid of him, no way I`ll let him get away with it - he might even get the idea that I`m scared of him. There will be no end thi story when he gets that idea into his stupid head! - so I confronted him with his debt there and then. No big surprise he came up with more excuses. Fair enough, I`ve a strong idea I`ll have to punch his face again. Has happened before under similar circumstance....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Drying sigarette buts in the microwave.

Amsterdam, 04-01-2008. I had a strong suspicion Rob would be off to his folks in the south of Holland. I mean it`s very unusual not to see him wandering around the neighborhood checking out the parking-automats hoping for some left behind small parking change, looking through the garbage for something or other still worth a few euros to someone, picking up sigarette buts for tabaco - never mind they`re wed by the rain, he`ll dry them in the microwave!!! And yes, I was right. Two days into the new year he rang my bell, a bottle of Red Wine with him as a new year`s gift - he`s the only one of all these street geezers I know who`ll ocassionally bring me a gift, all the other free loaders take and take but you can quite positively forget anything in return. Even when they visit me they never bring beer, joints and/or sigarillos along, they know there is always cold beer in my frigo....That is why Rob is still allowed in my house and the other tomcats have lost the premission to come up my stairs. Anyway, I need somebody to keep me informed of what they`re all up to and Rob is as good a source as anyone of them. He was full about the time he spent with his folks and the week in the north of France where they took him, his time with his mum and twin sister etc etc but I fear he`ll soon be back to his old street life searching the streets for sigarette buts never mind they`re wed by the notorious Amsterdam rain, like I said, he`ll dry them in the microwave.....