Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something nice and exciting!

Amsterdam, 30-05-2007. Tomorrow is the arrival date of Kochanie Brigitta, yeah this polish love of mine is once agian coming to visit me. she wants to celebrate her birthday with me which i saturday so i will have to think of something to get her amused. Now just shagging her usually does the trick, i mean she is really crazy about sex any one way and any time or place but for her birthday i like to do something special with her, maybe dancing downtown, a good concert or something similar. With the good weather i will have to be out to sell my games and can therefore not give her too much of my time, therefore something nice and exciting might well be in order. She cooks for me, gives me her body and plays nurse for me as well giving me good massage, common mon, i have got to think of something nice for her birthday!!! Sold 19 games today and i m well on the way to 350 games out and sold now, not a bad start of the summer.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jack off material!

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, 23/05/2007. Eight days of GREAT sex and the charming company of Brigitta have fuelled me up well enough to return to Amsteram, my cock is hanging in my blue jeans like a paralised limp but the feeling down there in my member is one of absolute pleasure and my head is full enough with jack off material to sustain me for the week of seperation between me and that sexy polish ladyfriend of mine, she will arrive at amsteram next week at the 31 of this month no doubt with more sex on her mind and thereby providing me with more jack off material for our next seperation, i love it!!!

Red colored lingerie.

Berlin,20/05/2007. Wow, we had some raelly good days together during Brigitta s time off from work but tomorrow she will be back off to her job and i will have time to explore Berlin on my own. My kochanie disappaered in the bedroom tonight after dinner just to reappear dressed in beautiful red colored lingerie, needless to say we were off to bed early but did not sleep untill late. Yeah, this lady knows how to turn me on!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The nudist beach.

Berlin, 17-05-2007. I have known for some time that Brigitta has got this favourite place of hers at a nearby lake, a little beach as she told me, frequented by people who like to soak up the sun naked and without a bathing suits. Well. i consider myself a tolerant person and have nada against the nudist` hobby of running around naked. Brigitta took me there today and although i felt a bit self-conscious at first sitting around stark naked around a bunch of other naked people, i decided to humour my Kochanie and enjoyed the sun playing our favourite game, back gammon.

Little Istanbul.

Berlin, 16-05-2007. Four days of free time Brigitta has got on her hands and she wants to spent them all with me, no complaining from me there. She takes me on a tour through the city showing me Berlin. I happily follow her around cycling behind her through a city that seems more like a turkish city with all the shop signs in turkish and all the turkish people in the streets. Wedding is actually nicknamed Little Istanbul. Turkish women wearing head scarves that are not allowed back in their home land but completely accepted here in Berlin, quite the normal thing raelly!!! With all these turks moving into Berlin, where do all the locals go? Is it like Amsterdam back home where all the foreigners move into the city and all the dutch move out to Almere and other cities nearby?

Net stockings.

Berlin, 15-05-2007. Slinging my backpack on my back with my eyes scanning the perron for a glimse of my beloved Kochanie i moved to the way out, happy to finally be able to leave the closed environment of a german train behind me and seeing Brigitta again. My hungry eyes have already seen her outside waiting for me to disembark, dressed in a white coat with black stockings - they look familiar, i bet she wears that sexy underwear of hers underneath that white coat - and shining black shoes. Her house looks great and very warm, typically female and i can feel her presence in every corner and niche, it obviously is her place. My suspicion was dead right on the mark, she was wearing that sexy tranparent underwear of hers!!! I checked it already during the short bus ride to her house in Wedding, the Berlin neighborhood where she lives. Though she had got to get up early for her work, we fucked untill well after 03.00 o`clock in the morning. When i wook up she was gone, off to her work leaving me a frigo full with food and the keys to her place.

On the way to Berlin.

On the way to Berlin,14-05-2007. A full 6 hours i will have to be in this bloody train. At least not like travelling a full 6 hours in an indian train, have done that, have been there!!! So 6 h. by train in the Deutsche Bahn should be no big problem for me. They actually have some pretty goodcomfort in these german trains and the personal is friendly although the constant "noch jemand zugestiegen, geachte Fahrgaeste?" after every stop gets a bit on my nerves. Suppose they have to do their job.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hyper, hyper.

Amsteradm, 13-o5-1994. With the sheep getting sheared today back at the animal farm i was not really surprised Magriet and Kyung - the two managers were tense and even more hyper as usual. I just did my work and left the place at close to 11 o`clock for the Anna Frank House - finally some good weather in this city and made a bit of nice money, will come in handy for my trip to Berlin next tuesday. Only 3 days more and i will be having her in my arms again, something to look forward to.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sex and female attention.

Amsterdam,11-05-2007. With all the rain that has been coming down here in this city lately i start to get bored and almost automatically return to the drinking sessions in the park, smoking sigarillos all day and forget all about my more sportive life, the jogging in Westerpark that gives me so much energy and gives me a healtier feeling, more convience and of course it saves me money, after all jogging is free while all that beer, even when it is cheap supermarket beer, tends to get expensive considering the huge quantities i drink. Before long the Gang Of Evil Brothers will be over at my house, no money in their pockets but with dry troats and a lust for beer knowing full well i always give in and will pay their shit-beer. Big sigh here but at least i will be of to my polish kochanie in Berlin early next week planning to stay over a week, out of Amsterdam with all its evil attractions and back to a more intresting life full with sex and female attention.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One of these nights!

Amsterdam, 08-05-2007. No more Mandala selling now that the rain has finally come to Amsterdam, not that i complain, the rain is good for the dried out state of the local nature and i have already sold nearly 250 games this early in the season!!! The money i made with my games comes in handy since i fancy a nice short trip of about a week to Berlin to visit my Kochanie. seems fair enough after her trip to Amsterdam. Made a drinking trip down town last sunday night drinking red wine untill i felt like i was gonna bust looking for backpack ladies in between the endless row of glasses of red wine but not much happening. One of these nights! With a bit of luck i will be in bed with Brigitta, my Kochanie next week!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Moslimas .

Amsterdam, 04-05-2007. Living in such a culturally diverse town like Amsterdam i see these moslimas every day of my life, and now that the muslim issue is such a big thing, i mean after 9/11 and - more locally - the gruesome murder of poor Theo Van Gogh, i cann`t but notice these moslimas, all wearing headscarfs and often even bhurkas covering their whole body. What the fuck is happening to the world around me, what the hell is happening to these moslimas? Rumour has it that dominant moslimas force their not so dominant sisters to wear the stupid head thing, shit must be hot wearing these crappy things under the present sun that rules the weather in Amsterdam and now we are talking the headscarfs let alone the bhurkas that start to appaer more and more in the streets of this beautiful city. Personally i have always thought that women pride themselves having GREAT hair, i mean they are always busy with it, just thinking of my sister who could sit in front of the mirror for hours doing and redoing her hair. Me, i just dive under the shower and wash it every so often, get a hair cut when the stuff gets to long. Ha, not the ladies, they love their hair donig and redoing it!!! I go to the local supermarket and all the moslima cassieres wear supermarket issued headwear, every supermarket has got its own color and design, yeah board of directors, i understand you wanna keep these employees happy but you ever thought of the fact it might be female unfriendly? Ah no mate, we have nothing to do with that, it is their own free choise, you say they are force by dominant brothers and older sisters? i know nothing of it ,mon, just have to show these higher up in the supermarket hierachy my sales records all the rest ain`t my business, have a salary to think about, a job to think about, know what i mean, better you do your thing at the Anna Frank House and leave me to my job, okay? How many you sold today, 11 you say, that is good mon!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Moslimas in g-strings.

Amsterdam, 03-05-2007. "Nothing to worry about, mate" the surgeon back at the hospital told me this morning when i showed up for my appointment and get that terrible infected wrath on my tumb removed. I was afraid they would cut it out and i would be incapacitated for some weeks doing my voluteer job at the animal farm and making new games to sell at the Anna Frank House. Instead they sent me home and straight away i was off to sell my games again. I would have been mad if not considering the good weather we had here off late, 12 games i sold and when i saw a school of dutch girls, all of them culturally different, from surinam ladies to blonds and moslimas with their typical headscraf, i couldn`t help but remember Kochanie`s words only a few days ago "a headscraf with a face heavily mascarad and wearing g-strings. When they came out in small groups waiting for those still inside while sitting down on the pavement around me i could see my Kochanie was right once agian. Sticking out from their jeans i could see g-string after g-string, the heavy mascara i had already noticed when they were still in the queue waiting to get inside.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

She is gone now! My kochanie, miss Poland.

Amsterdam, 0205-2007. Ha, feel good today, as a matter of fucking fact i feel GREAT!!!! Picked her up from the railway staion all dressed up in my new clothes i bought especially for the occasion and when im saw her leaving the train, her hair blonded just for me and dressed in these tight jeans, couldn`t help but noticing that, my herat started pumping and like an adolecent in love for the very first time in life i ran over to embrace her, take her packs from her and bring her home to my house here in Amsterdam-west. What a time we had together, great sex in my bed i can still smell the lingering smell of her essence, her body and the sex we had, in my bed! It is like incence of the very best kind, expensive and premating the house, like a fine drug that takes over my mental capabilities. Queensday together in the city watching the boat parade while we had an ice-cold beer and a MJ smoke. She is just one of these ladies that are kind of hard to forget!!!!! Somewhere in between i managed to do my work at the animal farm and a few visits to the Anna Frank house selling my games. I guess it is back to normal now smoking my favourite sigarillos and drinking cheap Albert Heyn beer to pass my time, maybe a cup of soup on a rainy day at the Tweede Mijl and free coffee at the Schakel, selling games at the Anna Frank House when the sun i s out, that sort of thing. Hasta la proxima vez, mi amor de Polandia.