Friday, November 21, 2014

Nude Female Drawings

Pages from my sketchbook

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fruitseller in Bangkok

A fruitseller in the chinese district of Bankok. Pen drawing with markers and aquarel colors

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pages from my sketchbook

Today at the city zoo

Theoretical flawfull words of insult

Amsterdam, 18 nov. 2014.

I don't really buy into the idea of the truth of an ever lasting love affair, even though the last four weeks in King Bhumipol's mysterious Asian realm has given me every appearance of doing so, maybe as a gifted evangelist with the misguided Holy Word of God on my side, an experienced madly religious TV disputer of the cloth, or else a Djalebba donned idiot from the local mosquee arguing the matrimonial bliss with great force, logic and passion for the Church or Allah's words on the need for life long female companionship, I would have been commended for my words of wisdom...

Though rumour has it that these catholic inspired fools are too busy chasing their choir boys and those Allah devouted Djalebba clothed freaks on a very different pathof a holy quest recruiting young crazies for martyrdom in the newly founded IS califat in the Middle East...too busy indeed to preach about their cherished Truth...

Yeah, dear reader to this blog as you can see my words are still a draw, crude un-nuaced terminology, trying to write about the sadness in my nutcase soul about my failed Asian love affair but ending up writing abstract theoretical fucked-up flawfull words of insult to those that believe in a higher sorry not indeed...

Sentimental and emotional attachments frighten me to a state of unexperience altruism which is not my cup of Thai tea...

Monday, November 17, 2014

A final punishment to the assassin

Amsterdam, 17 nov. 2014.

From the air Amsterdam looked like giant grey and pinkish colored snowflake, good old Mokum lying half embedded between cold and rainy clouds, nothing special this time of year but horrible in my imagination after a full month in tropical Thailand, barely endurable after a full four weeks of Suk Sabai treatment by an Asian love affair, madly mouth watering Thai food making me go completely insane in the famous Farang tummy, particularly gratifyingly friendly local people whose enthusiasm for life and fun is infectiously addictive...

I felt deplorably mad with sadness looking down on my home town of choice, sensors, tubes, micropumps and all that other crazy biocircuitry inside my sunburned head making my imaginary impressions of Amsterdam looking battered, bruised and bloody, cold to the touch, a bit like after a bout with Mohamed's Ali's iron fists in his better days...if Amsterdam had a human face it would be with puffed-up eyes and ears, a re-broken nose, blood trickling down split lips, tears diluting the blood covering the major part of unhealthy looking cheeks...

I feel like an sadistic psychopath with a limited imagination and deplorable writing skills but truth be told it was how I felt barely a week ago coming back home to my dusty chaotic life in this capital of the Low Countries, decreed back in the miserable cold of another Dutch winter, a final punishment to the assassin of my own existence, savagely tortured for earlier sins in a former life

Pages from my sketchbook