Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eviction Day


My eyes are glued to the trees in the inner garden behind my house, keenly studying the leaves for movement, blowing in the wind. Too much wind means a no-go day for the Anne Frank House, just like rain means an equally boring day in the house or hanging out with the darned Westerpark Boozer Club...

Not that the gang of former Evil Friends is in any good state, mentally and physically wrecked by too much little balls of coke, provided by Mister Harry the spoiled millionaire son`s inheritance...if I can believe the rumours well over 80.000 Euro gone down the drain...up in crack inflated clouds of smoke, causing a moment`s euphoria before the strong addiction strikes again, more crack and yet more...

Hey Harry, maybe another visit to your Mum for another couple of these funny colored strips of paper, so easily transformed into crack, popularity among your friends and the bad health comes for free. Your house a sticky and smelly chaotic mess with a letter from the housing corporation informing you of the inminent end of your rent contract...

Hey freak, you might well wander home blind drunk and stoned out of your nutty brain finding your crap outside in the street and an expensive cleaning company trying to make order in a appartment that has seen it all. From Ramond balling his Marisca and leaving his unhealthy coke and alcohol invested sperm on the already too dirty to touch carpet, a toilet bowl dark brown with alcoholic`s diarrhoea and a shower head disfuctioning....

Angry neighbors, the result of countless fights and endless screaming at any time of the day or night...

Yeah Harry, when Eviction Day finally arrives for you, I will hopefully be outside in the street laughing my head off and kicking my boots through your paintings!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mashmour...from the street

So there he is...Mashmour, a total nutcare from somewhere in the Ethiopean highlans of Tigres, having come to Holland by way of Eastern Eupoe living in a tent for years in Poland, for the treasured asylum status somewhere in the midd-nineties last century. Always hanging out at night in front of the nightshop on the Wittekade here in Amsterdam-West...

Eventually he and Huessein stayed around, both of them serious head cases, suffering from severe war traumas, always boozing cheap supermarket beer with the Westerpark Brotherhood of Drunks, living on the dole, shoplifting bottles of Ruby Port, frequent coffee shop visits and house evictions.

Poor Mashmour ended up staying in a so-called Tokkie Woning, six two-room houses for those who absolutely don`t fit in with the rest of society on an abadoned lot at the end of my street.

Last I heard Mashmour got admitted in the Valerius Kliniek in Amsterdam-South, an asylum for the mentally insane....

Get a life Mashmour...sorry mate.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Richard ....from the street

So there he is, long awaited and finall there as an artist`s impression...Richar The Little shit. Grew up most of his early youth in a boarding school for bad boys, adopted as an orphan in his early teens and a mayor pain in the ass for whoever had the bad luck to ever come into contact with him.

Lost his house after a two year stint in a Surinam hellhole for dope related causes losing 25.000 Euro on "buziness money" in the process, illegally earned dough with a huge marijuana plantation here in Amsterdam - probaly stuck to the greasy hands of corupt Surinam police officials - can`t have been much fun as a white boy in surinam jail, especially so for a person who considers the negroide fellow human being equal to an ape.

Richard who got an restraining order, went to jail countless times, father to a daughter he is not allowed to see by judge`s order due to little duaghter and Mummy related domestic violence - not that the heavily tattoed and always totally doped up Mummy was any better on the Beat-You-Up department.

Needless to see that Richard is just another druggie from the Amsterdam streets and one of my many street contacts, somebody who seems to thrive on other people`s misery and bad luck but his bad dental work and homeless excistence a clear indication of his very own misery and bad luck.

His weird hold over his teenage mate Rob still fascinates me though the man really is a Little Shit.

Get a life...Richard.

Thursday, August 13, 2009



Klaas... from the street


So there he impressionist`s view of Klaas from the street here in ancient Amsterdam.

Klaas always pushing his old crappy bicycle loaded to the max with old crap found in the rubbish and hopefully some idiot will spend a few Euros on something or other hanging and dangling from his rusty bike which is long over due to its pension, up to 500 kilo of crap...needless to say Klaas has got iron muscles.
Oh yeah and you can smell him up wind from several km. distance. Once I did a bit of arm wrsetling with him in the park ending up with sticky hands because of all the carefully accumulated dirt of years.

Get a life, Klaas.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pickpockets warnings in Amsterdam


More pickpocket warnings the Amsterdam police wants me to hand out to my customers at the Anne Frank House.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheap Entertainment in Amsterdam


If rain in the morning is an indication of your day ahead than better I stay in my bed, enjoy the warmth of my personal roosting place while dozing off again feeling sorry this is Amsterdam and not Pattaya where I could just turn around and mount my bed partner who I picked up the night before, young and moist Thai pussy ready for the shagging and included in the Long Time deal made the night before on the boulevard.

Maybe a short walk to the Heavenly Coffeeshop just around the corner, conveniently close so I wouldn`1t get too wed in this awfull rain, just a few puffs of Mary-Jane and whiling away the rest of a boring day, not making any more games for the week ahead but instead give in to Marijuana induced sweet oblivion, maybe a good movie on my TV set, work myself through the newspaper one more time or else emerge myself in a Hollister weekly. All of it Cheap Entertainment that won`t bring much education I said..Cheap Entertainment to the max, no comparison to whiling away a rainy and boring day in Southeast Asia where sex is cheaper thas the aforenmetioned shit in Amsterdam.