Friday, February 23, 2007

-A girl with a cap on-

Amsterdam,23-febr.-2007. Girls aplenty last night in the city centre, i did have a suspicion there would be cos i had noticed how many tourists there been lately in town. Trying a few of these tourists frequented bar i ended up having a bit of contact with a physically small and attractive lady with a cap on, she would not tell me her name nor her nationality and several times she left me to chat to other blokes, probably all tourists, but kept coming back to me at the bar. Eventually she put her hand on my tigh and even checking out my cock through my blue jeans. She must have liked the feeling of that cos she invited me back to her room which was conviniently above the bar, most of these bars are actually tourist hotels with a bar downstairs, the owners make more money that way and can even use the bar in the morning for breakfast, even more money that way. Clever buggers. Miss Cap wasted no time when we got to her small room taking her clothes off in no time demanding i would do the same. In between the fucks she gave me head and passionate kisses, though getting fucked seemed what she was into mostly, no problemo as far as i was concerned.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

An ominous phone call

Amsterdam, 18-febr.-2007. Somehow i always seem to know when a phone call is not right. But when people start phoning me at 5.17 h. in the morning and persistently i know something is seriously wrong. Since all my contacts here in Amsterdam have my mobile nr. and last week s phone calls were on my house nr. it leaves only one contact seriously left, my family i have been at odds with for well over 15 years. They live in the south, about 1,30 h. away from Amsterdam by train. I know my mum died some 5 years agao and my old man must be reaching his last years considering his age. Old people die but his possible funeral is not something i am looking forward too. I will have to face the whole bunch that is my family, my 2 brothers and my sister. When my mum died i chickened out and skipped the funeral. Maybe that is why i did not take the phone call last week at 5.17 h. in the morning, although phones that start ringing at that time in the morning obviously piss me off. The Gang of Evil Brothers is still out of contact with me, no harm there...

Friday, February 16, 2007

some-one at the door

Rob told me at the Schakel, a good place in my neighborhood for free coffe for the homeless, that Harry was gonna phone me later in the afternoon. When he eventrually did he told me he would come within about an hour, i was not really surprised when the hour had passed he phoned again to tell me something had come up. I actually had a pretty good idea what had come up and indeed my suspicions came true when again an hour later Rob phoned from Frank The Idiot his house to tell me come over with beers and sigarillos. Ha hahahaha, needless to say that was not gonna happen.....

a bar full with old women

Amsterdam, 16-febr.-2007. wasn t really sure if i really wanted to go out downtown last night or not but decided to sleep a bit anyway so i would be fit, just in case. Mayke woke me up several times with her irritable phone calls but i still managed to grasp a few hours of god and sound sleep. I would probably have been better of sleeping all through the night because when i finally managed to drag myself out of bed somewhere around 02.00 h. in the morning and got downtown the bars were full with gay haired old bags of feminity, all of them raedy to trot. has there been an old women s convention in Amsterdam i didn t know about? I have got no idea but since i don t really go for old bags of bones....... Anyway the only lady i met and had contact with, an asian woman and still weel within my age limits didn t seem as ready to trot as these gray haired monsters. Needless to say i left after maybe three glasses of red wine.

Monday, February 12, 2007

revenge of a woman.

Amsterdam,12-febr-2007. I still hear nada and nothing from the Gang of Evil Brothers, nothing bad in that the way i see it. It gives me time, and plenty of it for my other activities but less to write down in this blog. My other activities are not all that exciting, like painting naked women and reading my books, making a stockpile of Mandalas to sell in the up-coming summer at the Anna Fran House, running in the park every afternoon. No way i can run in the park when i get stupid drunk with these guys, paint or work on my computer, not to mention the other things that have my mental interset. Maybe i will go out downtown this thursday night hunting for the backpack ladies or whatever comes my way. I already know that after last week s debacle with Amanda she has phoned Harry to badmounth me, probably the raeson i don t see these alcoholic brothers of mine. Sigh, nothing so bad for a man as a the revenge of a turned down woman. Yeah i will definitely go downtown thursday night and get me some hot tourist pussy or whatevr pussy comes my way. That, after all is the revenge of a man on a angry woman.

Friday, February 9, 2007

no more Gang of Evil Brothers

Amsterdam, 09-febr-2007. Haven t heard absolutamente nada of the Gang of Evil Brothers since last sunday after my run in with Frank the Idiot. wonder if they have taken his side? Not that i care much, they always come back, especially after their mony sources have ran dry. Not that i have much to offer there right now and a few days or weeks without them is as always better for my health and other activities. I have started jogging in the park again, sleep better at night and drink less, even had a nice little social visit from Gustana last night. The woman was hardly inside before she took her clothes off, 2 hours of straight sex and she was out hardly having finished the glass of Red Wine i poured her. In fact i had bought a i litre bottle of Albert Hyen table wine so i had to finish that on my own, well with my balls empty i had no objection.......

Monday, February 5, 2007

A free dinner and show

Amsterdam, 05-02-2007. My volunteer job at the Westerpark children s animal farm got me an invitation at the Pallazi, an expensive restaurant her in the Westerpark. In fact all the voluteers working without pay for the Westerpark area had been invited by the Westerpark council. Can t say the dinner was much but i did really enjoy the shows in between the courses, mostly acrobat acts. Also i very much enjoyed being there with my collegas from the farm. Got a nice little invitation from Gustana to come over to her house for a few hours after i returned home, needless to say i did not decline. She had her hand in my pants in no time and we fucked in the livingroom, the bedroom to being to cold. With my head high on Pallazi wine and a happy but tired cock in my pants i returned home well after midnight.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Amanda and Charlotte

Amsterdam, 03/02/2007. I was not really all that surprised to see Amanda and our little beautiful hijita Charlotte, returnig from my house when i came back from my jog in Westerpark. Hey, this little lady of ours looks like the most beautifull baby i have ever seen but then, i am presudised. She is after all part of me too, wether i like it or not. Her skin has colored slightly, her mother being half African no wonder there, her eyes turned a few shades darker but she still has my dark blond hair she had at birth, i could feel that typical KROES the africans have, though. Not that i care, just want her happy and healthy. Still i need/want to be alone, this whole `have a baby-business is just not my thing, really. Don t really understand why Amanda does get that into her thick skull. She asked me several times in the course of our years of friendship to give her a baby, i always told her my ideas on this supject. Now she has got her baby and i freely admit, it is a very beautifull little human being. Well, what can i say..... i am a man and not that young anymore, no excuse but i just like my freedom and personal life these days. End of story.........

Friday, February 2, 2007

- Gustana -

Amsterdam, 02-02-2007. I was supposed to be at Harry s place this afternoon. Meeting up with Amanda and our little daughter Charlotte which i have not seen for 7 months. Harry was quite excited about their little planned visit, he talked about it for weeks trying to convince me to come over and cleaning his whole house etc, etc. Now, me coming over there was off course out of the question, never really felt the need to bring these little people into this world but i feel very happy for Amanda who always wanted to be a mother. So instead i decided to go downtown last night for a few glasses of red wine i met Gustana from Argentine who quickly dragged me over to her appartment on the Rosengracht for a night of passion. If that was passion the argentine way i can understand why our crown prins married Maxima.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Frank, the absolute idiot

Amsterdam, 01-02-2007. Leaving the house for a jog in the park i can see the "gang of evil brothers" coming out of the Edah supermarket, Rob ahead with a full tray of cheap beer - about time he pays is the first thing going through my mind- . The invitation is inevitable but i am on a mission, i have been doing my thing at the animal farm this morning and my mission is still running strong, a jog in the park before i can let things go and return to my weaker state, the group is complete, though, it is difficult to let things be strong, just let things go. Just so much easier, i run in the park, my daily 5 km. but Harry s words are running in my head "let s dribnk all this stuff at your place"". THE TEMPTATION BIG AND STRONG. Love having visitors but i managed to stay strong and did my mission all the way to the end, I RAN IN THE PARK, MY DAILY 5 KILOMERTRES. Now i can go over to Rob s house and get wasted. Oh yeah, this bunch of boozers is still there already way out of their head. In the course of the afternoon i do their shopping buying more booze and soft drug, a Big Mamma -which is a super joint - or maybe 6 Euro worth of Jack Herrer hashish. Needless to say Frank passes out on Rob s matress eventually, he could never hold his licuor. When he does his usual throwing up on Rob s matress Rob goes bananas and throws him out. Hey man this happens all the time, he is used to it. The last time in my house during one of our heavy drinking sessions , he fell asleep on the toilet, it took me several hours after they had all left before i discovered he had not even bothered to flush the thing. Frank, you are an absolute idiot.