Thursday, July 30, 2009

Martin..from the street

So there he is, an artistic impression of Matin-The-Big-Cokehead, smoking little balls of coke like there will never be any sort of tomorrow left but still the same Martin who loves to be Mister Cool who is doing good work for those addicted to dope, crack and booze at the Regenboog Stichting - the Rainbow Foundation - but he himself hopelessly chained to these little brown balls, smoking them alone or in the treasured company of Charly-The-Antilian-Cokehead.

Good team they are...a bit like a tag team but here it is the little pipe of coke being hit instead of the outstreched hand of your team mate.

Trying to get his dope dough Martin did some black work building up the Albert Cuyp Market each morning but got caught by the social wellfare department last winter.

While I was busy balling Thai hookers in Southeast Asia poor Martin was busy having the shivers I guess, having to kick the habit or else... worry about his next dope money sourch and placate the socio people at the same time...

Get a life Martin..sorry mate.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jim aka Sexy Cook

Jim aka Sexy Cook, my lady friend in Pattaya`s Soi Yamato during the years I stayed with Lucky and his Thai wife Tuk.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Rust zacht lieve meid.

Martine Elise de Vries.....29 july 1976 - 08 july 2009.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Martine`s personal euthanasia.

Can`t really say I was swept off my feet with surprise last sunday when Sanny informed me of Martine`s suicide - how I hate that word.

I used to work with this good looking and extremely intelligent young woman when I first started opening at the Animal Farm she was my first assistent always present helping me cleaning stables, bringing the animals outside, feeding them and chatting together while having breakfast or lunch.

She seemed an active young lady in the possession of lots of female friends, plenty of boyfriends as she once informed me proudly, no problems with i genetori - The parents in Italian, I`m learning Italiano these days - and serious about her volunteer job with us at the farm.

I did however always notice the cloud of sadness hanging around her, as seemed to have most of her friends...her suicide came as no surprise to really was a matter of time.

So goodbye it was today going to the funeral together with several old hands from the farm, goodbye to you poor Martine, Lieve Schat, won`t forget your full laugh and the sparkle in your blue eyes, your unselfish devotion to your work at the farm.

Despite all your activities, your female friends, the men in your life, your ladies soccer hobby you could always talk about so vehemently over breakfast.....

Considering I am mostly animistic in my relious convictions, I can only hope I am wrong becuase if there is no God then there is no heaven and therefore it seems safe to say I will never see you again, not in this life nor the here-after.

RIP Lieve Schat, als er een hemel is vedien je hem meer als ik.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Free drinks at the Anne Frank House


It is not all that unusual that my customers at the Anne Frank House give me free gifts like a lunchbag with sandwiche, some spare change - do they think I am begging or what? - Rob coming over every so often bringing me one of these free little plastic bags from the Tweede Mijl with stale white bread with chocolate, hardly worth eating but I accept it gratefully anyway feeding it to the neighborhoods population of city pigeons once he is gone again.

Today was cashing in on free drinks. First an alu can of cherry coke from Mathias, a hopeless German junk with rotten dental work and always wearing a yellow stained pair of jeans - guess where the yellow stains come from - a cup of hot chocolate from a Canadian lady waiting for her friend while having a chat with me. And last but not least a small can of Grolsch - the best Dutch beer in the world - from one of the many local boats touring the Amsterdam canals. They threw me the first can short so it landed in the poluted water of Prinsengracht, but the second can was much better aimed landing right into my outstreched hands - good aim indeed and the can is cooling in my frigo right now awaiting consumption later tonight.

Together with 14 games out and sold I should have no reason to complain, just another mildly sunny day at the Anne Frank House collecting the dough for my next trip to Thailand, back to Southeast Asia while my friends here in Amsterdam are going puple in the face with jealousy.

Easy money for Thai honey!!!