Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in Krung Thep/Bangkok

Krung Thep, Thailand.

Though Bagkok, or Krung Thep as the thais themselves call it, is chaotic to the max, street hawkers clogging the main thorough fares as well as the smaller sois, cold orange juice at every corner, beautiful wats and temples all over the city and the thai friendly smile beaming at me from all the local faces I see in the course of a day. yeah I really love this city.

My all time favorite in the Banglamungh area provides me with a clean but simple room for as little as 150 Bhat.

I take the ferry down to Pumpini Park fully convinced to watch a few games of Muay Thai boxing at the Lumpini Stadium, meet up with Lovely Joy, my daughter and enjoy the tasty street side food, walk down Silom Road and have a look at Wad Pho.

A quick visit to an internet cafe to check on my mail and cold Leo beer at the Gecko Bar located smack behind the temple opposite tourist district of Khao Sarn Road. A better place for people watching is probably impossible in this City Of Angels.

Tonight I will be on the VIP overnight bus to Kho Samui. 450 Baht or 10 european Euros for a 12 hour busride and 3 hour ferry trip. Now that is a transport price that can`t be beat.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Whiling away relaxed and sunny days in Pattaya


Still , taking back girls to my room for short and long time sex sessions while yet other Hot Mommas knock on my door at all sorts of odd times, late at night or early morning, in the afternoon while I watch my telly or early evening when I am about to walk over to the boulevard to chat with Kees, Emiel and other long term dutch farangs here in Pattaya.

Drunk Hot Mommas hassling me for free drinks, their breath in variably smelling of Moonshine Whiskey - the cheap rice liquor so popular here.

The farang population complaining about the unfavorable exchange rate while totally disinterested in the plight of the daughters of the Isaan who experience the weight of hairy, fat and horny farangs, often well past their middle age. They might even get agressive when they cannot get it up any more due to copious amounts of Chang beer.

Tomorrow I should be on the way to Krung Thep and from there on south in the direction of Malaysia, maybe even Sumatra. I have heard about a ferry from Penang to Medan on the indonesian island of Sumatra, something new during this trip.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Viagra experiment.


The daughters of the Isaan are doing a stiff number on the members of the Horny Farang Brigate while they march up and down the boulevard making money for maybe another water bufallo for the family, some dough for the upkeep of their kids and yet more cash for their whoremongering husbands and drunk boyfriends back in the poor north of the Thai Kingdom.

Yesterday I decided on a small - or maybe BIG would be a more convenient choice of word in this case - experiment.
Having heard so much of the miracles of modern medicine and more specifically about the wonders of VIAGRA I decided to walk into my favorite pharmacy - the one where I always buy my STD medicines - and get myself a box of these little blue pills.

Four pills for 1000 Bhat. From what I have heard one pill should be enough to get you a perfect hard-on for at least twelve hours. Rumour has it among these old and fat bellied farang men on the boulevard you can come all you want but your male member will be ready for action any minute.

A willing Hot Momma was easily found to help me with the experiment. Hot and steamy sex, a real marathon session even for me I mighht add - hehehe - coming and keep coming....still having power several hours later while back on the boulevard trying to replenish on the water intake with cheap Leo cans of beer.

Even when I finally retired to my room just to wake up mere minutes later by the soft knocking on my door - I didn't need to open the door to know who was at the other side, I would recognise that knock from a 1000 other Hot Mommas knocking in Pattaya...., and yes it was Mo hoping she could stay the night and maybe make some cash in exchange for sexual services rendered.

With the results of that little blue pill still raging through my dick she was a welcome visitor who left me early next morning promising to be back tonight, probably hoping to pick up another 500 thai Bhat mand a few hours of cherished sleep.

Always better to sleep in a farng's bed, have a bit of sex and 500 Bhat for the coming day than sleep on the beach and wake up getting hassled by early morning drunks staggering back to their hotels I guess.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My old ladyfriend Peap


I still remember Peap, this alcoholic nutcase Hot Momma that used to frequent Lucky's bar down in soi Yamato. One of these ladies in Pattaya that hang on but look worse and more downhill every year I return.

She is quite the lady though, the way she beat the crap out of scottish Mick when he was drunk late at night in the bar he was a co-owner of, obnoxious and blind drunk he lost face face down in the mud of Soi Yamato, getting kicked in the ribcase repeatedly by the high heeled shoes of Paep and the other bar ladies.

I remember how she would come up to this dingy room above the bar where I used to live in these years when I was in Pattaya. Half drunk and horny like hell looking for sex with a good looking farang, well hung and in good physical shape.

A bit like last night but in a different room, in a different soi and several years down our mutual life spans. We have both grown older and more experienced in the matters of life.

I was walking down Soi Yamato looking for her - Soi Yamato being her favorite hang-out place - hoping for some adventure of the physical nature, not something hard to find in Pattaya I might have to add, when I heard her voice calling out to me already drunk and obviously at least half out of it.

These days she is being supported by a norwegian boyfriend, old and fat but a good Sugar Daddy who sends her regular American Express checks and comes over once or twice a year for sex and female companionship, booze and good food. All of that at real good bargains in this heck of the woods.

So no big surprise she paid for my Heineken. With a rich Sugar Daddy in the west these Hot Mommas seem to get a kick out of seducing handsome farangs when the fancy strikes them. Apart from that we have been down that road before many a time with me paying her drinks so there was no reason for Lord Buddha to provoke a guild complex in my chaotic and fucked-up mind over a free Heineken from a worn-out Hot Momma.

Drinking that Heineken and chatting about old times, I could see the veil slowly coming over her eyes, the veil that I remember so well, the veil that made me realise she was getting her panties wed in anticipation. Sniffing the air around her a bit, like a male dog sniffs the air around the backside of a bitch dog hoping she will be in heat, I could detect that not to be mistaken female odour that is produced by a wed human pussy.

Soon after that we were in my room at the New Star Guesthouse shagging our brains out while outside in the street bar ladies where screaming excitedly and the sounds of broken bottles filled the nighttime air... some Hot Mommas have a fisticuff over a farang boyfriend no doubt...this is after all Pattaya.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Lonely Heart Brigate


She came to me in my dreams all last summer while I was asleep at night in my big house in Amsterdam, visiting me every so often in the realm world of Lord Morpheus.
Her eyes full with that lust for life I remember so vivitly from last year.

What was her name again?...Ah yes, I remember Mag, that was her name. I might have problems remembering her name but her physical qualities I still remember vividly.

Now I have walked the infamous boulevard for the last two days since arriving at Bangkok's new airport Suvarnibhumi, taking a minibus straight to Pattaya, not bothering with Krung Thep' attractions.
But however much I stroll up and down the boulevard, when she is not here my eyes can scan all these female thai faces I still won't find her.

The cure to my lonely heart was only a 12 hour plane flight away from home plus an hour and a half by minibus. But however short that time span might be, no Mag is still no Mag.

I will have to look for some other lady to cure my lonely heart.

However this being a quiet time of the year all the Hot Mommas have moved home, up north to the Isaan, back to the north's poor villages, waiting for the Lonely Hearts Brigate to return to the Kingdom of the Smile. Have some time with their offspring they hardly ever get to see, the kids they work so hard for that they maybe only once or twice a year get to see them.
Spending most of their time here in the Male Kingdom called Pattaya, doing their very best to make the members of the aforementioned Lonely Hearts Brigate happy and help them to forget the loneliness that inhabits their lives back home, the lonely admosphere that rules their houses and apartments.

That lost and lonely life I myself know so well. Turning around in my bed while darkness is all around me after yet another disturbing nightmare and finding out I am alone in my twin bed, no warm female body next to me ready to offer me the warmth of her inner heater, offering me solace for my pulsing erection, no whispering words of love and sex. Just a cold appartment and a lonely bed.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tommorow is departure time.


Okay, that is it, less then twentyfour hours before leaving my house tomorrow, and with my house my life here in Amsterdam. I have been a patient boy waiting for my return to the Land of the Thais. I have done my social participation thing working hard at the farm while being treated like SHIT by Magriet, the manager. I kept my cool and my big mouth, I waited and counted my days, weeks, months.

A whole summer of keeping these park shits out of my "new" life, these members of the Group of Evil Friends as I used to call that mad posse. While I moved on to a new life, new more healthy activities, they went down hill even faster. Faster as my jogging in the park or my growing fascination with the worldwide web. They smoke crack like their is no tomorrow, their friends dying all around them. They fall into the canal while drunk and drown like Bone last year.

A bad heart giving up after years of heavy living due to an eternity of mind-enhancing drugs, alcohol and hard drugs, bad diet and rotting teeth. Yeah, that was Little Bob`s fate last year.

I am not exempt from these addictions myself having struggled for what seems like half have my adult life - and longer - with the same problems.

Going on a new trip always helped me to kick the nasty habits being out of the scene and return hoime aftyer the trip to other activities, sports, reading, my artwork etc.

I knew fully well walking down the street on the last night before the new year, to the Heavenly Coffee shop a new period of heavy pot smoking was in the making, approaching fast from across the marijuana horizon.

Luckily this is only a two week addiction with all thew fun that comes with it before being on the plane to Thailand.

Tommorow is departure time.

I will write down some of my expressions of this trip on this blog. The kingdom is riddled with cheap internet cafes so pas de problem there.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spending my few remaning days home


Strange how every time I am about to embark on a new trip I find myself smack boom right in the middle of a big but lonely pot smoking session on my bed in the back of my house watching these darned porn DVDs that Rob brought in last summer hoping for a few stupid Euros for cheap beer.

I find myself walkning down the street after my job at the farm is over, on a mental determinated on a mental goal...a few joint...a few beers from the Albert Heyn and a bottle of red wine to while away a whole day watching stupid porn and smoking expensive pot from the neighborhood`s coffee shops.

I get into erotic dreams waking up in the darkness of my house lost and forlorn, feeling so strange and out my normal world.

I have given myself over these last two weeks to the sweet oblivion of Lord Shiva`s Realm, the crazy pornocrafic imagery on my TV`s screen far away fron me, I hear the sounds of young female actresses working out a sweat, the heavy muscular grunts of their male counterparts.

My dreams take me back to the Boulevard Ladies, the Hot Mommas of Pattaya where I will hopefully soon be. Back to my erotic encounters with them while the actresses scream their collective voices hoarse.

Only twelve hours by plane and I will be there, back there where I feel it all started over tenty-odds years ago, my addiction to the Land of the Thai Nation, my fascination with its humid heat, its friendly population and good local food. Back to the Land of the Hot Mommas - a term I use with RESPECT I might add - and countless love affairs, these hot and willing dames from Down Under or ancient Europe

Young backpack ladies suntanned and a heavy looking backpack on a strained shoulder looking around for a taxi whappering a Loney Planet backback bible around in language related frustations.

Young thai waitresses coming to my hut hiding in the darkness of night offering me sexual services for a few thai currency notes, or a semi-crazy daef-mute cleany lady from the retaurant on some God forgotten isle in the south of the Thai Kingdom, looking for shelter in my room from the wrath of the drunk owner.

Haaa, long and pasionate sex did I have with her. Sometimes she would come to me late at night when work would be over, I could hear her coming up the dark path between the bungalows making her happy chuckling sounds.

We would fuck all night on my big bed having small breaks to skin up thai grass joints, drink Red Wine Cooler and all the while she would make these little chuckling sound. Even after sleeping contentedly in my arms, her complicated mind in the far away dream realm of Lord Morpheus... she would still make her noices.

Haaa, all these ladies I met ther over the it a small wonder that a confirmed bachelor like Mister Me is sooooo over the mental top again smoking pot all the freetime I have again and drinking King Alcehol`s poisoned piss.

Trying hard to keep my mind back here in Amsterdam, back in the safe arms of my old house and the direct outside unconscious mind is trying old technics like dope and boose addictions...a part of my sub-consciousness fights back by forcing my corporal body to switch on porn all day trying to get me active, bring me back to all the hot sexual dates I had in the that steamingly hot Asian Kingdom.

In just a few days I will be on that plane, I will be on that aluminium construction that enables mankind to cross the across the globe, switch from my own still very dutch culture that is intersparsed with turkish neighbors and other immigrants`s original an Asian Kingdom where the Royal King after many years of dedicated background rule is now in the arms of Lady Death, her cold embrace will soon bring King Bhumipol to the Lands of Lord Buddha where he will have the honor of meeting his sacred ancestors...leaving his early remains and his treasured Kingdom in confusion in difficult political and military times.

It will be an ineteresting time in the political history of Thailand to be there, be in the Land of the Thais and see it all happen right in front of you, record it in word and paint, with camara or mobile phone .... hey mon, we live in the age of mass-comunication, remember? .... travel around Asia with my battered old blue backpack on my shoulder, no worries and no financial burden on my other shoulder.

Sun and cold Leo beer, thai Hot Mommas and beautifull young blond scandinavian females on their first trip to Southeast Asia.

Yeah, well lets first get on that plane friday come and start this blog.

Monday, January 5, 2009

treasured alone hehehehe.


Things are getting cold again here in Amsterdam. Frost every night means people in Holland are seriously thinking about the so-called Elf Steden toer - eleven cities skating tour - up in the northeren province called Friesland.
Eleven friesian cities the participants will have to cross through starting early in the morning and often getting back well after darkness.

A very popular sports tournament in Friesland and the rest of Holland, never mind your eye balls will have frozen solid inside its sockets.

Never mind your toes and finger tops will certainly suffer severely from frostbite by the time you cross the finish line in complete darkness, the snot inside your nostrils having gone the way of icicles.

These days this is not anymore like the proverbial cup of gree tea for me, instead I prefer to stay in bed, smoke a joint that will after over a year of Mary-Jane absence, get me straight to heaven and horny like hell.

The other side of the medal is that the dreams always come back with a vengeance, these distorted faces of women the world over, women who expected love and attention, or merely a fist full of hard foreign currency after a night full with steamy and wild sex in some obscure and cheap third world hotel room.

Not that I care anymore!!!

Even Amanda is there stark naked these days insulting me, screaming and bad-mouthing me while Lady Death is looking over her shoulder with a malicious grin.

Not that I care about her much either at this point in my life!!!

Soon enough I`ll be back in Thailand, more whores will share a small part of their life`s energy with me, I will sit with them on the boulevard or in a dark bar listening to their stories, sad stories but they tell them with a smile, as is the habit in Thailand.

As usual when I have the dreams I wake up in the middle of the night with the coldness of Mother Nature outside trying to invade my house, trying to scare away the warmth of my bed.

Amanda is rarely in my dreams since she got our daughter Little Charlotte. I guess she is too busy these days bringing up my little present to her, that daughter she was so keen on, she has got no more time to concentrate her mental energy sending it all the way to my house at night and torment my chaotic brain.

Shit three times in a row.....if I had given all these girls I slept with and that nowadays torture my mental health, a baby I would be free of them and finally alone....treasure alone amsterdam skating elf city tour charlotte dauther

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Patria O Muerte, in its death troes


Nuestra patria,

Why should we say,

This is our patria, our home land,

When this Patria, this home land, doesn`t give us anything?

Nuestra patria but our patria does not support us,

In my patria I die of hunger,

That is no Patria,

That will be the patria for some, for the elite,

But not for the people,

Patria means a place where you can scream,

Talk and walk around without getting killed,

A patria is a place where you can live,

Can work, can make your living the honest way,

Where you can make your future work for you,

The tragedy of our people was it never had a patria,

The best prove is the fact that tousants of our sons,

Have left our island for other countries,

To work, live, to survive,

But they have no patria,

That is why we have to establish the republic.

This is a extract from El Comidante`s famour speech in Camaguey on 4 jan. 1959 soon after his predecessor Batista had fled the capital Havana for the avanging rebel force, Fidel Castro was on the move, things where about to change for Cuba, RADICALLY!!!!

I remember listening to Fidel`s speeches "Patria O Muerte" struggling with the strong cuban accent, using his tirades as stuy material for my self study spanish.

Over the years with my spanish getting better and better, understanding more and more of this man`s inflamatory anti-kapitalism rhetory...well, it started to make me think about the ways of life, the ways of the grown-ups.

This fat around the mid section and well bearded man in camouflage army garb, big cuban sigar in the mouth corner as though he loved showing off the cuban number one export produce.

Needless to say his rule became absolete, just another dictature, an other country ruled by the elitists who live it up while the uneducated masses pay for their greet.

The famous Gamaguey speech by El Comadante Fidel Castro in 1959 has collapsed in on itself, nothing has changed in Fidel`s communist/socialist utopia.

Millions of impoverished cubans have fled the island state risking their lives in shaky wooden boats rotten to the core hoping to make it to the hunderts of thousants of cuban refugees allready living in Miami.

Foget about the freedom of speech in Cuba, you get rapped upon by the countless regime spies and end up in prison, torture to your body and not seeing the warm rays of the caribean sun aymore in your life.

Young school girls selling their bodies for a feww meagre american green backs to h*rny tourists the world over.

The avarage cubano/cubana person doesn`t have a patria anymore, instead they live in an island prison surrounded by wild caribean seas where the hungry sharks are happily awaiting the brave in their rickety boats.

Fidel himself these days has changed his military greens for a jogging suit making only rare appaerances on TV while his brother Raul continues the brutal reign of the protection of the rights of the cuban elitists.